Surya Vortex 48 Inch Ivory Ceiling Fan, Sweep: 1200 mm

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Ceiling fans are not only a cooling solution. They can lend a complete finishing touch to the decor as well. Surya Vortex 48 Inch Ivory Ceiling Fan has a range of 25-50 mm and has a speed of 390 rpm. Equipped with the speed of 390 rpm with 3 blades. It has a voltage of 220V and is equipped with double ball bearings. The ivory colour of the ceiling fan ensures a high air delivery. It operates silently and runs on energy efficient technology. Equipped with a double ball bearing, it can be installe

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  Brand :  Surya
  Color :  Ivory
  Model Number / Name :  Vortex
  Air Delivery :  220 cmm
  Speed :  390 rpm
  Number of Blades :  3
  Sweep :  1200 mm
  Size :  48 in
  Voltage :  220 V
  Ball Bearing :  Double
  Power :  68 W

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